Tuesday, April 28, 2009

House Concert!

The band and I will be busy this Saturday, May 2nd, playing at the Costa Mesa High School Grad Night fundraiser, but what I'm more excited about is the show we just added Friday night.
We've decided to test out our sound at a concert at my house! It should be a really fun and intimate environment shared with family and friends. The show will be free with and food and drinks provided. We'll see how it all works out. About 40 people could possibly fit in the living room set-up we'll have, and more could sit outside on the patio as well.

These are the types of shows that excite me. Playing to a room full of people who are really listening to your music is a dream come true, even if you have to bribe them with buffalo wings :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Radio, Shows,and...Tweeting?!

I’m really looking forward to the next few months. There’s a feeling of change in the air that’s extremely motivating. Musically things are picking up momentum as we get ready to release the album this summer. I wish we could release it tomorrow and get on with things, but I’m enjoying this whole process none-the-less. The music business is a fickle beast so you’ve got to enjoy it when you can.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been happening and what’s ahead in the near future:

“In My World” and “If You Don’t Mind” on the radio: Both songs are currently playing on college radio stations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Chapman Radio. “In My World” will also be featured on AF Radio’s “Acoustic Fuel” starting this month thru July.

Summer Album Release! “Colors and Chords” will be release early this summer…it’s getting close!

West Coast Tour! Once the album is released we’ll be making trips up and down the West Coast to promote the record. So far we’ve got shows booked in San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona later this year! More info to come.

Twitter craze! I’m figuring out what the hell this thing is and attempting to sound interesting on it…with that said…click on the link next to this post to follow along!

Full band shows next month: I’ve got a great new band supporting me now for full shows. We’ll be showing off our stuff May 2nd for a Costa Mesa High School event, and May 8th at Chapman University. We’re ready to rock!

Artist Interviews! Starting next month I’ll be doing weekly interviews with fellow musicians, photographers, writers, and artists in general on their art and lives. I’m really looking forward to hearing and sharing their stories. Look for the interviews on this blog.

I’ll end things with a quote from Bob Dylan…

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."

This is what I love.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Following Passion

I saw Joe Purdy perform in LA last night. It was refreshing. To see someone so deeply passionate about what they do is absolutely inspiring.

Following your passion as a career is something we all dream of(at least for a while). Getting paid to do something you would willing do for next to nothing seems like a permanent vaction.

But could following your passion lead to more monetary and career related success in the long run? I came across a great blog the other day that attempted to answer that question...

Here it is...


And as always, thank you Joe Purdy for rocking my world.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Good Fit

Something I've learned in my short career in music:

You can't force things.

Whether it be a song, a show, marketing, anything really...good things take time.
If a song begins to frustrate me too much, I just let it go. If it's meant to be it'll come back.
I think the best art is made in the midst of a pure emotion or idea. If I have to break something down TOO much then to me it becomes more science then art. That's not to say I don't spend hours and hours of time crafting a certain song or idea, but there's a line where it's just not fun anymore and time to move on. Everyone has their own line.

The thing that excites me about this new album is that nothing has felt forced.
I spent Tuesday night in the studio working with guitarist Bob Boulding and engineer/producer Shawn Nourse. I am beyond blessed to be working with both of these guys this early on in my career. Both are world-class musicians(Bob is the guitarist for Young Dubliners, and Shawn plays currently with I See Hawks in LA and before that with the famous Dwight Yoakam), and are so easy to work with. The thing you worry about when recording an album is making sure your true voice comes across on the record. You want your music to sound as true to your vision as possible, and that is way harder said then done.

But so far with these guys and everyone else who's worked on the album, it's been so easy.
Everyone understands the overall concept, yet each have put their own unique stamp on songs that always make me say "WOW" to something I've heard a million times before.

I hope this keeps up. It's been so much fun and to this point such an enjoyable process.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Georgia Reign

The one thing I get asked quite a bit is..."What does the album title 'Colors and Chords' mean"? Though I generally shy away from ever exposing exactly what any song or title means(I think art should be left for individual interpretation), I will say this:

Colors and Chords are what make life beautiful. Whether it be songs, paintings, photographs, or any form of art, these things are the purest forms of human expression. They're the things that keep you up at night, and get you up in the morning. They foster hope and change, and give a voice to cuts we can't always see. These are things that live well past our earthly years. Things that WE create. Things we can always call our own.
And not only are the things we make beautiful, but those who make them as well.

To rap things up...

The title actually comes from a song that isn't on this album. It'll be on the next album haha. The song is called 'Georgia Reign', and here 's the lyric:

"Tell me 'bout the Georgia Rain.
You skip a stone and
Try and count the rings.
I keep tearing at a hole,
You dream in colors and
I dream in chords..."
One of the things I fear the most,

is that I'll die more

of a dreamer

than a  doer

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sometimes I feel as if I suffer from some sort of “Reading ADD.” I’ll call it RADD. I’m not sure that’s an actual condition, but if it is, Usher might tell me, “You’ve got it bad.” Thanks Usher, I know. I literally have about 25 books, all on different subjects, stacked by my bed. I’m often more drawn to short stories, magazine articles, and blogs because of their ability to give me information in a short time span and then I can be on my way. Recently though, my RADD led me to one of my favorite fables. It left plenty of food for thought.

Here it is:

A farmer had only one horse. One day, his horse ran away.

All the neighbors came by saying, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

A few days later, his horse came back with twenty wild horses. The man and his son corraled all 21 horses.

All the neighbors came by saying, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

One of the wild horses kicked the man’s only son, breaking both his legs.
All the neighbors came by saying, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

The country went to war, and every able-bodied young man was drafted to fight. The war was terrible and killed every young man, but the farmer’s son was spared, since his broken legs prevented him from being drafted.

All the neighbors came by saying, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Start of Something

Embarking on something new is at times as daunting as it is motivating. There's 
excitement in possibility, hope on a blank canvas, magic in newly discovered chords.
Yet often times that magic can be held in check by our own self-doubt, our own uncertainties.
We feel the things we dream in the dark aren't as brilliant when seen in the light. 

I'm currently in the middle of recording my second album, "Colors and Chords." I will be attempting to share the process of making this record, from the decision's made on instruments and chords etc., to my feelings on songs and the album's artwork. 

I'm hoping to share both sides of the spectrum that I'm currently dealing with. From the highs of hearing the album come to life, to the lows and frustrations of missing lyrics and emotions.

As hard as it gets a times, the chance to bring my dreams to light is an experience words can't quite explain...but since this is a blog, I'll try.