Monday, April 20, 2009

Following Passion

I saw Joe Purdy perform in LA last night. It was refreshing. To see someone so deeply passionate about what they do is absolutely inspiring.

Following your passion as a career is something we all dream of(at least for a while). Getting paid to do something you would willing do for next to nothing seems like a permanent vaction.

But could following your passion lead to more monetary and career related success in the long run? I came across a great blog the other day that attempted to answer that question...

Here it is...

And as always, thank you Joe Purdy for rocking my world.

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  1. just thinking about that live performance of "you can tell georgia" is keeping me happy at work. :) that blog is interesting — i almost think that with the way the world currently is, passion is completely the opposite of financial success, but the struggle that comes along with something you're passionate about makes it worth it. maybe it's impossible to be passionate about something that's too easy? and money never means happiness, but i think passion almost always does.