Thursday, April 9, 2009

Georgia Reign

The one thing I get asked quite a bit is..."What does the album title 'Colors and Chords' mean"? Though I generally shy away from ever exposing exactly what any song or title means(I think art should be left for individual interpretation), I will say this:

Colors and Chords are what make life beautiful. Whether it be songs, paintings, photographs, or any form of art, these things are the purest forms of human expression. They're the things that keep you up at night, and get you up in the morning. They foster hope and change, and give a voice to cuts we can't always see. These are things that live well past our earthly years. Things that WE create. Things we can always call our own.
And not only are the things we make beautiful, but those who make them as well.

To rap things up...

The title actually comes from a song that isn't on this album. It'll be on the next album haha. The song is called 'Georgia Reign', and here 's the lyric:

"Tell me 'bout the Georgia Rain.
You skip a stone and
Try and count the rings.
I keep tearing at a hole,
You dream in colors and
I dream in chords..."

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