Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts (5/18)

I spent the weekend in beautiful San Rafael, California for my sister’s college graduation and Good God was it hot! I thought NorCal was supposed to be colder then SoCal?! But the trip was a blast. It was nice to get away for a quick moment and get some prospective on things. The 8 hour drive up with my other sister and Grandparents left plenty of room for thought…

*My Grandpa gave me this advice during the long car-ride… “Dan, the greatest thing you could ever do in life is to love someone and have a family.”

* I’m currently working on 2 new songs which I’m really really excited about… “Shine” and “Summer Dress.” Both are upbeat and involve the full band. I’ll start playing them live as soon as they’re finished.

* I thought I was going to lose my job on Friday, but my company decided to delay lay-offs…the end is never where it should be, but then again, neither is the beginning...

* Sometime in the future…I’ll put it on a 5 year plan how ‘bout…I’d like to set up a music festival here in Costa Mesa. I think it’d be great for the city and a lot of fun.

* One of my best friends and old college roomate, Kyle Charters, randomly found my blog while surfing the web the other day. Kyle told me he’d become a “lifelong” reader if I mentioned how amazing of a person he was in one of these blogs. He also sent me a list of things I could/should say about him that were slightly inappropriate, so I’ll just say this…Kyle was the first person I’d spend hours talking to about setting up our own business’s, chasing down dreams, and finding happiness. He never once told me those things were impossible or dumb. I have Kyle to thank for lighting that fire in me and I’m forever grateful.

* The plastic toilet-seat covers in the bathroom at my work have this quote on the box… “Provided by the Management for your Protection”… I don’t thank management enough for being so concerned about my ass.

* I don’t know Jake Walden personally, but I highly respect his music, so I emailed him about the best way to book shows in the busy L.A. music scene. I didn’t really expect to have my email answered…but he personally wrote me back offering his advice and help! It’s amazing what an act of genuine kindness can do. He now has a lifelong fan without having to spend a dime on any sort of promotion or marketing. Check out Jake’s music here…

* Have a great week!

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”
- Jalal Ud-Din Rumi

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