Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts (Father's Day)

There's a lot going on at the moment, which is a good thing. A lot of studio time and shows are coming up this week and next. I hope things keep moving forward like they've been...

* I had a great father’s day. I respect my dad more than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s great to have a day to honor him, as well as all fathers.

* The band and I will be making our L.A. debut this week and next. This Thursday the L.A. based band Eloise asked us to play with them for their album release party at the Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica. Then next Thursday we’ll be headlining our own show at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood! I’m pretty excited about both. More info about these later this week.

* For the first time this weekend I had Potato Wedges at a restaurant where the bacon was hidden UNDER the cheese instead of on top. What a pleasant surprise that was.

* Sometimes people just amaze me. During our show on Friday in San Diego a guy and his son walked right up to our drummer on the stage, Brian, and began trying to ask him questions about how the Cajon(a big box-like drum) he was playing worked. IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR SET! Brian was nice enough to tell them we were about to play another song and we got on with playing…but then they just stood there at the foot of the stage about 2 feet from Brian and watched him play. I guess he’s just that amazing.

* A business idea I thought of last week… “Music Lessons for Athletes”, or something of the sort. I think the reason I took so long to get into music was the fact that I was intimidated by it for so long. I thought it was only for people in “Band” or something like that. And being in sports my whole life, there was this stigma that “piano lessons” or “voice lessons” were un-cool or dorky, which is dumb. It’s too bad I didn’t start sooner. Not that I would open a music lesson company ONLY for athletes or whatever. But maybe a place that appealed to them more. As a kid I would’ve been more likely to take lessons from someone who was more like myself and ALSO played guitar rather then a music major and all that(which is great). It’s just less intimidating at the start. Like I said…this was just a daydreaming idea haha…but who knows…

* For a good read about conquering small goals one at a time, read here:

* I hope everyone has a great week.

"Every increase in your knowledge is a simultaneous decrease. You learn and you unlearn at the same time. A new certainty is a new doubt as well."
-Brian Eno

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