Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts(Make it Rain)

Just coming off quite a busy last couple of days. We had 3 shows this weekend, which makes me feel like a little bit of an actual musician:)

* I got a first hand lesson this weekend as to what works and what doesn't work as far as making a live performance sound good. We played at the Doll Hut on Thursday and had a lot of trouble with feedback, monitors, and all sorts of stuff all night. The show went ok, but I spent 2 hours at Barnes and Noble the next morning reading about how to properly mic a stage with a bunch of instruments so that wouldn't happen again. No joke haha. You gotta learn to love the details.

* I was a little upset about how things went at the Doll Hut, not that it was a bad show by any means, but we all knew that the sound problems didn't allow us to really give people the type of show we would've liked to. But life is funny. At the end of the night we got asked to play the next night at The Gypsy Lounge, a place in Lake Forest I've wanted to get into for a while now. We happened to be celebrating my friend Pat's birthday that night as well and everything turned out better then we ever expected. 

* To add to that last point...I don't think the dance floor at Rudy's will ever be the same after what we did to it Friday night. 

*I got some great advice this weekend about all this music stuff..."One tough show or performance is not going to break you. And on the flip side one great show it not necessarily going to make you. It's what you do day- in and day- out over a long period of time that gets you somewhere." I obviously think applies to anything worth pursuing.

* Last night we ended the weekend with a show in Long Beach at the Blue Cafe. It went amazing. The sound was awesome. The fans were great as always and I got to perform a song with my cousin Andy who is back on leave from the Marines. I can't express enough how much fun I have being on stage with all my family and friends.

* My brother performed Prince's "Kiss" as a special guest at the show last night. We got the whole thing on video and it should be up on YouTube soon. All I'll say is, "You're welcome, world."

* I don't think I'll ever be able to end a show in a more dramatic fashion then how we did last night... During our last song a guy from the bar came up to the front of the stage and showered the stage with $1 bills... yes he literally made it "rain" on my sister's and I. I'm pretty sure it was meant more for my sister's, but who cares. It was $40 is $1 bills, not too shabby. Beat that John Mayer.

Have a great week.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scott R. Adams

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts(Sorry I was in Vegas)

I know I'm late, and I'm sorry. But I was in Las Vegas til Monday night so I hope I get a bit of a pass and you can forgive me...

* I think that 2 days in Vegas is the perfect amount of time for me. Just enough to get in and have a good time...and short enough so I don't do anything too stupid (Like say, put all my money on Red and let it ride. I was probably one drink away from that).

* I did run into a few NBA players this weekend(we frequent the same hot spots) because the NBA Summer League was in town. I talked to Hasheem Thabeet, saw Earl Boykins gambling at the $500 minimum table ALL WEEKEND, and my brother gambled with Darren Collison.

* I don't know which was hotter in Vegas...the temperature(110 degrees)...or my friend Zach in his salmon(PINK) colored button down shirt with 3 buttons undone, exposing his freshly burnt chest. I could have also started this sentence with "What did we complain about more this weekend"? or " What are 2 things women try to get away from in Vegas"?

* My friend Pat requested "Kick Away the Blues" to the DJ on Saturday night and the guy looked at him like he had no idea what he was talking about. Vegas is so behind the times.

* We had a brief "Hangover" type of moment went we lost Zach on Sunday night. We didn't go looking for him because we all figured his shirt got him arrested for "Disturbing the Peace."

*  I told the Black Jack dealer that I was going to "count cards" when I got to the table. I proceeded to lose my $40 in 2 hands. I never said I was good at counting cards.

* On a non-Vegas note...we have 2 shows this week...the first is tomorrow night at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. And the 2nd is on Sunday at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach at 7:30pm.

Have a great rest of the week!

"My own thing is in my head. I hear sounds and if I don't get them together, nobody else will."
 Jimi Hendrix

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts(4th of July)

This is the first Monday that I am not jotting these down sporadically from a cubicle in Irvine. Instead I'm writing before I take off for the day to coach basketball. I've given up the 8 to 5 desk-job life and traded if for one of music, coaching, teaching, and maybe a pyramid scheme or two(joke).  The mornings are filled with more uncertainties, but more possibilities...
and for now, that makes me happy.

* I always find it funny that people send weight and height measurements of their newborn child to friends and family. It's the only time in life that we do that. 

*  We had a great turnout for our first show in Hollywood at Genghis Cohen last Thursday. I'm not a big fan of L.A. in general, but it was nice to visit for a show and hang out with friends after.We'll be back again soon!

* There are 2 major projects I'm working on at the moment, each which take up considerable amounts of time. The first is finishing the album "Colors and Chords", and the second is putting together a West Coast Tour once the album is released. I'll talk about both of these things more once the get closer to completion.

* I did a couple of things to celebrate the 4th of July. In the morning I rode down to Newport Beach for about and hour. And then in the afternoon I went to my friend's house in Irvine to hang out the rest of the night. Riding my bike around in the morning felt like I was in some sort of "cool contest." Everyone in Newport was trying to look as hip and impressive as possible on every the afternoon my friends and I jumped around in a "bounce house" and reenacting "Free Willy" in the pool... not hard to guess where I'd rather be any day.

* I've used my business degree in my music career far more than I ever did at my former job.
The toughest thing to do at the moment is coming up with marketing tactics for the new album. Not that I'm void of any ideas or advice. It's that fact that there are SO many things a musician can do these days that it's almost overwhelming. You obviously can't do all of them and have to pick a few that will benefit you the most and just go for it.

* We have 2 big shows this month before the album is released: July 16th at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, and July 19th at Blue Cafe in Long Beach. More info to come.

*  Have a great week!

"Music should go right through you, leave some of itself inside you, and take some of you with it when it leaves."


Thursday, July 2, 2009

L.A here we come!!

It's about 10am...about 12 hours before our show tonight, but I can't relax. I'm usually a mixture of nervous/excited before a concert, but tonight feels a little different.

It's our first "Headlining" type of show in L.A. which feels like a bit more pressure than a coffee house in Orange. I know it's a smaller venue and it's not like it's at Staples Center or something, but it took a lot of hassling to get into the place and PROMISE that people will show up. (They take it way serious up there haha).

The best part is... once we get up there and start playing, all that stuff kinda goes away. 

We're really looking forward to tonight. It'll be a recorded live and that'll be available after the show. 

Only about 12 hours to go...

Genghis Cohen: 9pm
West Hollywood, CA