Thursday, July 2, 2009

L.A here we come!!

It's about 10am...about 12 hours before our show tonight, but I can't relax. I'm usually a mixture of nervous/excited before a concert, but tonight feels a little different.

It's our first "Headlining" type of show in L.A. which feels like a bit more pressure than a coffee house in Orange. I know it's a smaller venue and it's not like it's at Staples Center or something, but it took a lot of hassling to get into the place and PROMISE that people will show up. (They take it way serious up there haha).

The best part is... once we get up there and start playing, all that stuff kinda goes away. 

We're really looking forward to tonight. It'll be a recorded live and that'll be available after the show. 

Only about 12 hours to go...

Genghis Cohen: 9pm
West Hollywood, CA

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