Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Echo Echo "Fall Like You're Flying" Interview

Over the past few months I've stuck to a pretty strict rotation of albums and
artists in my CD player consisting of Joe Purdy, Josh Ritter, and
Bob Dylan. But in between those songwriters I've had the pleasure of listening
to Orange County based Echo Echo's recent release "Fall Like You're Flying", a
great alternative rock album combining soulful music with heartfelt, intelligent
songwriting. I had a chance to speak with front man Steve Carson about the
band's release, the process of recording it, and what lies ahead for this band on
the rise.

DK: Hey Steve thanks for doing this, so to start, how does the band Echo Echo differ from what you've done in the past?

SC: We're all really good friends. It's not just about rehearsing, recording and performing; we spend a lot of our time together just hanging out at the studio, eating Del Taco, drinking vodka and whiskey and discussing life's many ups and downs. It's nice to be in a band where you not only respect the musicianship of each member but also enjoy spending countless hours with them.

You've decided to give your new album, "Fall Like You're Flying", away for free, how did that
decision come about and have you seen good results so far?

The idea behind the free download site came to me in the studio when we were trying to decide how to package and market the album. We are so proud of what we created and felt that the most important thing was the number of ears listening and connecting with the album not the amount in the bank account. Our share site allows people to share the album with their friends and family and then download it for free. Our hope is that we will be able to reach thousands instead of hundreds within months. So far so good.

Well its a great album and I'm glad it's going well for you so far. So what is the songwriting process like for you guys? Do you write as a full band or is it more of a solo deal?

In the beginning I did most of the writing. I had a small catalogue of songs that we started to play. Our first Ep included 4 songs that I wrote by myself and 1 song that was our first band collaboration, "Kite." The band continued to evolve and we started to collaborate even more in 2005. Jameson and I would get together and bounce ideas off one another until something stuck. Then we would take our ideas to the studio and introduce them to Bruce and Darren. Throughout the years we slowly started writing as a band with the occasional solo effort or two-man team. There really is no set method these days. Darren might start a song with a drum part, Bruce might have a particular bass line that he wants to hear turn into a song, Jameson is always pouring out guitar parts and landscapes, and I always have some lyric or melody running through my mind. The process has evolved into a completely organic experience. There are no set rules or methods that we follow. We just let it happen.

What would you say was the biggest motivation behind "Fall Like You're Flying"?

Our motivation was to write, record and release the album that only we could make; one that truly expressed what we wanted out of ourselves and what would define us completely as a band. No limitations, no inhibitions, only the freedom to maximize every song. We wanted this album to be a journey for the listener; an album that one would want to listen to straight through.

...and what about the lyrics?

I draw inspiration from personal experience. Love, loss, things that stir my emotions and/or make me think or feel something other than the norm. I only sing about things that I know, that mean something to me. I want the listener to be able to relate and feel something. I love it when someone says, "that song is about me, I can totally relate, I can feel it" and they feel something that moves them. It's all about connecting with the listener. If I can get them to experience emotions by connecting with my lyrics then I've done my job.

Well there's definitely a lot to connect to on this album. Now as an artist it seems that sometimes there's a certain song or 2 that you might feel a little closer connection to than others. On "Fall Like You're Flying" are there any songs that you feel that way about?

Not really. For the first time in my life I have a group of songs that never get old, never seem to stop stirring up my emotions and feel as if they were written yesterday. It's nice to connect with not only a song or two, but also to feel a strong connection to the album as a whole. We spent a lot of time choosing the song order and what songs would be on the album and I think it couldn't be better. The journey is intense, especially when it's yours. I will admit during mixing, when I was asked to come take a final listen to "Sad To See", I sat on the back couch and as it played for a moment I thought to myself, "this is some sad shit." For the first time, I felt a strong emotional wave come over me while listening compared to the emotions that I feel while performing. It was awesome and I'll never forget the look on Alex's face when he said, "man, you alright?" I just put on my sunglasses and said, "wow, nice job brother, sounds and feels amazing."

That song is one of my favorites on the album. So, if you guys could tour with one band, who would it be?

That's a tough one. We really never discuss who, it's more about what type of audience and location. The bigger the better I guess. To be able to reach as many people as possible at the same time has always been something we've longed for; the right city, the right venue and of course a large audience that is there to join in the experience. Don't get me wrong, a small venue with a couple hundred people is an amazing experience. Just recently at our Album Release show at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, I felt something that has not come over me in years. Something that can only be described as an intensely emotional connection to an entire room full of music lovers. The energy and synergy of the music, the audience and the band was amazing.

That must've been pretty special. So do you have anyone you'd consider to be your biggest influences?

That's always a dangerous question to answer. If people haven't already, they'll forever compare you to that band or artist. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but as an artist you want to create your own sound, one that is the sum of your influences and experiences. I've always felt that any artist that I've given enough time listening to has influenced me in some way or another. One of the nice things about Echo Echo is that we all come from different musical backgrounds. We respect our musical influential differences and pride ourselves on our sound being a true combination of all of them. I think the most important thing is that we have the ability and are open to influencing each other.

You guys do have a very eclectic mix on the album. So what's next for Echo Echo?

Next up, we'll be releasing the video for the single from the album, "Good Morning." We're really excited to get the video finished and posted. Without going into to too much detail, 90 people participated, it's been a year in production and the experience filming it was amazing. We're also gearing up to tour in early 2011 to support the album and then it's time to do it all over again…write, record, release!

Well I wish you luck and can't wait for the next one! Anything else you'd like to add?

We love our fans and truly appreciate their continued love and support. We hope they enjoy the new album. xox

You can download "Fall Like You're Flying" for free as well as check out other info about Echo Echo at: